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Step into the heart of the Bitcoin community movement, where we orangepill the world via publishing the insights shared at Bitcoin conferences! As a community-driven project organized by passionate volunteers, Bitlyrics is on a mission to make the knowledge exchanged at these conferences accessible to all, especially to nocoiners.

Why Bitcoin conferences?

Bitcoin conferences are hubs of innovation, where industry leaders, visionaries, and experts converge to share groundbreaking ideas. However, we recognize that not everyone can attend these events. That’s where Bitlyrics comes in, bridging the gap by transcribing and publishing the rich content discussed during these conferences. Now, you can soak in the knowledge, strategies, and discussions from the comfort of your own space.

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Bitlyrics thrives on community support. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey by contributing, engaging, and spreading the word. As volunteers, we dedicate our time and effort to bring you the latest and most relevant content from the Bitcoin conference circuit. Your support is not only appreciated but crucial for the success of this project:

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